Automagically tagging bibs in sport pics

Are you in Sport Event Photography? Tagily is for you!

With Tagily you get automatic bib tagging of your pictures, by artificial intelligence.

No more hours wasted in manual tagging: within minutes Tagily takes you
from the click of your camera to your online selling system.

Tagily! Just focus on taking amazing pictures.

How it works

in 4 simple steps

1) Launch Tagily

Do you have a few pictures? Or a million maybe? Stored on a single workstation or distributed on many laptops? It doesn't mind! Tagily works in the cloud. You can manage the whole process by our desktop apps or web APIs.

2) Real time tagging

Tagily exploits state of the art artificial intelligence to recognize all the readable bibs in your pictures, delivering to you reliable results in a few minutes.

3) Check your tagging

Tagily offers you the option to manually refine and add extra tagging. Visual similarity search will support you in catching even the most unreadable bibs. Do it from your desk or on the go; you can even share the task with a team! Or skip this step if you're in a hurry!

4) Publish on your website and app

Tagily provides all what it takes to quickly and easily hand over the pictures sorted by the tagging to your online selling website or app, even incrementally: yes, you can be online right after the race. Tagily is also compatible with third-party e-commerces like SmugMug, Zenfolio, Photoshelter, Instaproofs.

Now you try it!

Drag and drop an image from your computer and let Tagily handle it*

Drop a picture from a
Drop a picture from a
*DEMO LIMITATIONS: jpg/jpeg only; max 4 digits bibs (0-9 and 'F' letter); best results with > 5 Mega Pixels images; reduced elaboration speed.

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